Kultasointu is a Finnish company and trademark for high quality nature recordings.

Recordings have been carried out by Mr. Lauri Hallikainen, the owner of Kultasointu.

All recordings are original, genuine and pure nature records without any artificial elements. Only some background cracks and swish has been eliminated.

Technical facts for HiFi enthusiasts

Technical facts 2014


Avalon Indra, Devialet 800, Bel Canto CD3t, Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables, Cardas Clear power cables, Cardas High Speed Data cable

B&W Diamond 804, Devialet 250, Tara Labs RSC Air 1 Speaker Cables, Acoustic Zen Krakatoa Zero Crystal Reference Power Cable

Forvoice 10.7, Devialet D-premier, Graditech Voima 1 power cable, Graditech Solid copper / Stranded copper speaker cables

Acapella Fondatio Silenzio, Sennheiser 600, The Cardas Headphone cable.


Tascam HD-P2, Sound Devices 702, two omni-directional Sennheiser MKH 8020, Sennheiser K6, ME62.

Editing and mastering

Devialet 250, Wavelab Studio 6, Wavelab 7.

Technical facts 2012


Avalon Indra, B&W Diamond 804, Forvoice 10.7, Devialet D-Premier x2, Audio Research High Definition DSi 200, Graditech solid copper speaker cables, Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables, Acoustic Zen Krakatoa power cables, Graditech Ag / Cu 2.5 power cable, Graditech Ag / Cu / Rh / 6A-1 XLR interconnects, Acapella fondatio Silenzio, Sennheiser 600, Cardas headphone cable. Van Den Hul mainstream powercable. Cardas Golden reference. Analysis Oval 8 speaker cables.


Sennheiser MKH20-P48, two omni-directional Sennheiser MKH 8020, Sennheiser K6 & ME62 + ME64


Sound Devices 702, Tascam HD-P2 Portable High-Definition Stereo Audio Recorder, Tascam DA-P1

Editing ja mastering

Lauri Hallikainen + technical assistant, M-Audio Firewire 410 + software upsample 24 bit, Audio Research DAC7 High Definition, Audio Research DAC8 High Definition.

Technical facts 2011


Avalon Indra, Audio Physic BRILON 2.0, kaiutinkaapelit HomeGrown Audio X32, välikaapelit HomeGrown Audio DNA Interconnect XLR, Acoustic Zen Krakatoa power cables, Starlight 52 USB 2.0 usb-cable, Audionet PRE 1 G & EPS, Audio Physic STRADA Mono, Audio Research High Definition Reference CD8, Acapella Fondatio Silenzio x 5, Audionet SAM, Audio Research DSi200 High Definition, Sennheiser 600, The Cardas kuulokekaapeli, Audio Research DAC7 High Definition